Corporate Interface

Corporate Interface has taken a new direction and when it comes to the demand of professionals in the market, one with the industry knowledge is at an edge as compared to others. Today, the definition of a good management school is largely dependent on its ability to offer industry interface to its students that helps them enhancing their practical knowledge and make them ready for the corporate world. The focus of our institution is entirely to create industry ready employable candidates. In times of cut-throat competition where everyone strives hard for a successful career, industry interface is of prime importance.

The Academia-Industry Collaboration

The academia-industry collaboration or the corporate interface program is designed for the studentsin which the student is required to work with a corporate for some part of their course. The need forhighly skilled professionals is going up each day. The initiative of academia-industry collaboration is the idea of preparing our students for thecorporate world outside and to help them sustain in this highly competitive world.

How the Students can benefit?

When studying in a MBA college and looking forward for a bright future, gaining practical knowledgeother than lectures and theories becomes important. In order to be at par with the rapidly changingscenarios of the job market, it is important for the student to be industry ready. A company lookingfor a candidate will want him to have some practical knowledge about the industry, what are thelatest trends and happenings in the industry.

Our student benefit includes:

• Building confidence and instilling a positive attitude towards the work culture • Providing equal opportunities to the students who have zero work experience • Nurturing skills as well as knowledge • Creating better employment prospects

Types of Corporate Exposure:

Exposure to the corporate world is widely related to working in an organization. The industryinterface has various types through which it can be incorporated within the students.
Internship Opportunities: A big chance to gain experience, learn about the industry and polish yourskills. A management student can find an internship of its choice as number of MNC’s offer summerinternship to management students and our college with the help of corporate tie ups help you getthe best internships.
Seminars and Forums: The industries today organize a lot of seminars, forums, trade shows andinteractive sessions where students can gain core knowledge about the industry, its working cultureand more. We guide you to those and help you with attending the same.
Guest Lectures: We keenly organize guest lectures that are industry specific, which helps you learnfrom someone who is already a part of the industry.