Career Management Team

“We don’t drive our students to explore their talent, we inspire them”
Career Management Team takes care of students’ training and placements. What makes us stand apart from just any another placement cell is our counseling and the personalized career guidance. Members are chosen from the student fraternity, who are treated and expected to act like an employee and not just any volunteer.

Cultural Cell

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive”
his cell trains students to dissolve their different cultural and regional identities to give rise to the unique culture where they learn the importance of harmony amidst diversity. The students are engaged in managing cultural events. The celebrations like Teachers Day, Friendship Day etc. are an integral part of the campus life.

Media & PR cell

“It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.”
Tamaso Ma Jyotrigamaya – Lead us from Darkness to Light… Serving as an outlet for the outside world, to the latest on-goings of the instutiton and its students, this is an initiative for actively involving students into the world of Media & PR. Press Coverage, In-house publications and all student committees are handled effectively by our students.

Social Responsibilty Cell

“A leader is one who understands degree of responsibility that comes with the freedom”
The Social Responsibility Cell focuses on sensitizing and making the students aware of their responsibilities and duties towards the wellbeing of the society which will make these young managers and leaders of tomorrow empathetic employers and socially responsible citizens. We aim to develop all rounders and also focus on holistic personality development.

Finance Club

“Managing Money isn’t everyone cup of Tea”
We club our insane ideas to manage the financial risk and understand the real complexities in Finance. The mission of the club is Wisdom sharing on major financial and economic events unfolding in day-to-day scenario. At ISMS we want to grow together so that each one of us can have an equal understanding for various sectors, which helps us in taking the overview of Finance world. We achieve our aim by merging skills, understanding value system and gaining expertise by acquiring knowledge which leads to the glorified prospects.

HR Club

“Money cannot buy everything”
Elixir is believed to be a substance sought by an alchemist who cures and gives eternal life. It holds profound resemblance to the functions of Human Resources Profession. Though intangible, it plays pivotal role in actualization of organizational goals. Efficiency of HR Department often is synonymous to organizational efficiency. Like an iceberg, only a little about HR functions is exposed to the students during their learning phase. The objective of our club is to-enrich our knowledge & ability to comprehend as well as to envisage. The club has adopted various conventional and unconventional methods to strengthen the knowledge base of the members; and is mentored by HR Professionals from leading organizations. It is started with an aim to help effectuate excellence & gain visibility in legion.

Marketing Club

“Business has only two functions Marketing & Innovation”
Like foliage of Coniferous tree students of this club persist and remain active throughout the year and intend on “Marketing that matters and Products that win.”The objective is to improve visibility of ISMS marketing batch in the corporate world. Our mission is to make this club the most valuable resource for students interested in marketing industry through collaboration of our members, management, Faculties and corporate entities. The marketing club of ISMS provides students with a platform to hone their marketing skills and showcase their creativity and update themselves with the latest tidings. Conifers brings together students who are interested in the vast and dynamic environment of marketing and their passion towards it bind them together to elevate the club and its activities in the best benefit of its members.