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PGP (ABM) + MBA (Dual Certification)

  • Duration: 2+ years
  • Place: Pune, USA/Denmark
  • 1st Year Pune
  • 2nd Year Pune
  • Internship USA/Denmark

Fee Structure

  • Academics

    1st Year: ₹3,25,000

    Including Registration Fee: ₹50,000

    2nd Year: ₹1,75,000

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation (Applicable in Selected Cases)

  • Stipend

    1200 TO 1500 USD PER MONTH (APPROX) In the Case of Students Opting for a USA Internship, 2nd Option of another country is mandatory. Note: Selection of the field of Internship depends on the availability of a particular field in entry season.


    Training and Guidance on Visa Process

    Visa Charges*

    Health Insurance

About PGP (ABM) + MBA

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Inspiration

The unique strength of this course is the clear emphasis on Agriculture and critical understanding. As the emphasis is on Agribusiness, you will also be taught management techniques to give you the edge in the Agriculture World. The course is one of its kind with a combination of Master’s Degree Program and Internship in Denmark/USA to equip students with the latest technologies used in Agriculture. The course aims to create highly skilled individuals that can undertake analytical tasks rather than just knowing about Agriculture.

About PGP (ABM) + MBA

Why Choose This Course?

  • Outstanding Lectures:

    Frontal Lectures in Agriculture, Plant Protection, Fertilization and Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Orchids Flowers, Research Methodology, Agribusiness Management, Marketing, Finance, Computer skills, Basic Mechanics.

  • On-The-Job Training:

    Individual tutorials by local Agriculture Experts, both theoretical and in the field. Exposure to advanced technologies and methods in intensive modern agriculture.

  • Professional Agricultural Excursion (Optional):

    Optional professional agriculture excursions to either USA or Denmark for better understanding of the program.

  • Final Research project:

    The students carry out research on a topic of their choice on the farm from start to finish, collect and analyse data, and conduct experiments throughout the agricultural season.

  • Developing a practical Business plan:

    This program teaches to develop a practical business plan that can be taken after completion of the program and even teaches all the techniques to be successful with the business plan.

  • Nature of on field work:

    Crops: Peppers, Onions & Tomatoes
    Fruits: Melons & Dates
    Green House, Net House
    Open Fields Daily 9 hour's work

What is All About Dual Certifications?

MBA (Under Savitribai Phule Pune University and affiliated to AICTE):

The main objective of this program is to give students the practical exposure. This program consists of unique learning methodology that is based on case studies, projects and assignments that encourage students to think creatively, out of the box.


This Program consists of practical training on important factors like Communication, MS Excel, Presentation Skills and many more to make students fully ready towards becoming successful individuals.

Certification Program

This program comes with a certification program in Entrepreneurship Development in Agribusiness which consists of 50 Hrs. of training.
Entrepreneurship Development in Agribusiness includes 7 modules, which are mentioned below:

Training & Workshops

  • Industry Visit:

    Practical exposure is very much important to know the functions of any business. For this reason, we organize 3 industrial visits in Pune & 1 Outstation industrial visit.

  • Workshop:

    "Experts make another expert" and that is why we organize workshops by various industry experts so that our students can learn to the fullest.

  • Communication:

    “Good communication makes an easy path to success”, We organize regular communication courses so that our students can not only be good, but also the best in their class.

  • Presentation:

    Presentation Skill is very important today, and it is a must-have skill too. With the vision that our students become experts in presentation skills, we organise regular presentation activities.

  • MS Excel:

    No business or company can run without MS Excel. That’s why we organise a regular session on MS Excel so that at the end of the curriculum, our students can become Excel wizards.

  • Internship:

    This program comes with optional International internships either in the USA or in Denmark, for better knowledge about Agribusiness.

Activities @ISMS

Cultural Cell:

Giving importance to the cultural activities ISMS has a cultural cell to celebrate various events like Ganesh Chaturthi, Saraswati Vandana, Talent Show, RuBaRu (Freshers Party), Winter Party and various other events.

CSR Cell:

We not just only aim at creating a successful individual but also a better and more responsible person and that’s why we organise regular CSR activities to help the students know the importance of CSR and their responsibility to society.

Weekend Sports Activities:

Sports always helps an individual to be a better person and for this reason, we organise Football and Badminton Games every weekend so that our students can have some relaxation and know the importance of sports in life.

Who Should Select This Course?

  • Students, who are interested in becoming an agricultural entrepreneur someday should select this course as it gives a detail knowledge about the agricultural business.

Subjects Taught

First Year

Semester 1:

  • Accounting for Business Decisions

  • Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

  • Legal Aspects of Business

  • Business Research Methods

  • Organizational Behaviour

  • Basics of Marketing

Semester 2:

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Decision Science

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Management Information Systems

Second Year

Semester 3:

  • Strategic Management

  • Enterprise Performance Management

  • Start-up and New Venture Management

  • *Elective Subject 1

  • *Elective Subject 2

Semester 4:

  • Managing for Sustainability

  • Dissertation

  • *Elective Subject 1

  • *Elective Subject 2

  • *Elective Subject 3

Additional Subjects
  • English Training

  • Personality Development Sessions

  • Summer Internship

  • Farm/Dairy Experience Programs

  • Mentorship Program