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Post Graduate Diploma in Management

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Place: Pune

Fee Structure

  • Academics

    1st Year Fees: ₹4,30,000

    Including Registration Fee: ₹50,000

    2nd Year Fees: ₹2,00,000

  • Accommodation Fees for 1 Academic Year (11 Months)

    Fees: ₹97,500 (3 Months Food Included Breakfast, Lunch & Diner)

    *Note: Food is included for the first 3 months, which can be extended by paying

    additional fees for food before the end of the second month.

    Additional Fees for Food: ₹40,000

    Refundable Security Deposit: ₹7,500

  • Hostel Facilities:


About Post Graduate Diploma in Management:

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Inspiration

It’s a 2 years program in the field of management. The main objective of this program is to help individuals accelerate their career growth by helping them gain strong foundational understanding of the fundamental of business. This is a job centric program with more practical emphasis to make individuals more employable.

This program is combined with multiple certifications from renowned universities with an aim for better employability. This program is also based on “ISMS CAC” model, which is based on the concept of COGNITIVE, AFFECTIVE, & CONATIVE mode of learning.


Why Choose This Course?

  • Job Centric Certifications:

    The main objective of this PGDM program is to make students employable and with this aim the program offers multiple job centric certifications which will help students in better employability

  • Academic Tour to Top Management Institutes:

    This program offers an academic tour to top management institute of India which will help students in better understanding of the corporate culture by learning from the experts

  • Qualitative Research Paper:

    This program is based on practical research papers and live project which will help students for their self development and will increase their decision making abilities with data.

  • International Academic Tour (Optional)

    This program offers an optional Internal Academic Tour to Dubai/UK to Familiarize You with the International Business Environment (Certificates Included).

  • Pre-Placement Opportunity:

    Companies offer pre placement opportunities to students who perform well in internships. That means, students don’t need to wait for the placement drive to start to get placed, they can be placed way before that

  • Communication Training Based on IELTS Model

    Communication Classes Basic & Advance (IELTS Modules) as communication plays an important role in the degree both verbal and nonverbal so classes are conducted for better grooming of the students.

  • Specialization Based Industrial Visits

    This PGDM program focuses to train students to be experts of their field and with that aim, this program offers industrial visits based on specialization so that students can learn better about their choice of specialization.

Industry Inclined Job Centric Certifications

Specialization Based Certifications:

In this module the students will be offered special certifications based on their specializations which will ensure them to be experts in their specialization and will make them more employable

Additional Certifications:

The students will be offered additional certifications of their choice, apart from their specialization to help them gain some extra knowledge


10+ Extra Certifications

Specialization Wise Certifications
Common Certifications (Any Three)

Training & Workshops @ISMS

  • Specialization Based Industrial Visits (Pune & Outstation) :

    “Knowing Techniques before application always helps”, For better understanding of the corporate culture and how things work around the corporate, this program offers specialization based industrial visits which include companies from manufacturing, automobiles and service sector; and the visits will be around Pune and outstation

  • Mock Interviews:

    “Practice makes one perfect” with this vision we conduct regular mock interview session by various corporate experts so that at the end of the program our students can be fully ready for the corporate world to step in.

  • Mentoring Program :

    “A mentor helps to bring the best out of a student” and that’s why we have mentorship program where students can easily approach their mentor in any problem or ideas so that they can be a better version of themselves.

  • Unique Teaching Pedagogy Based on ISMS CAC Model :

    CAC Model is the new way of teaching students. It is based on the concept of COGNITIVE, AFFECTIVE, & CONATIVE mode of learning. This model will help students to Learn Strategically by corporate exposure, Industry Aligned Learning Pedagogy, & Industry Profiling; Apply Knowledge through dynamics specialization papers, specialization based internships, & Subject oriented industrial visits; & Make A Strategic Outcome by taking Live Projects, going through contemporary Training Process & taking the First Step to the Corporate World.

  • Professional Training :

    No one can know everything”, we believe that it’s not possible for a student to learn everything right from the beginning and that’s why this program comes with professional training which will include training individuals for placement preparation and corporate know how from the ground level.

  • Specialization Based Internships :

    “Practical knowledge is very much important” and with the purpose of teaching students in a better and practical way, this program offers specialization based internships. so that, our students can learn better about the corporate and get themselves fully ready to enter in the corporate world.

  • Communication Training Based in IELTS Model :

    Good communication makes a smooth way towards success” for this, we organize regular communication classes and IELTS module of communication training so that our students not just can be good, but the best in the class.

Who Should Select This Course?

Students looking to gain practical experience and extra ordinary career progression, setting themselves apart from others and boost their chance of getting into the corporate world faster than others.

Skill Development Program

Skills are the main thing that can lead anyone into the corporates and even towards becoming a leader.We at ISMS focus on skill with priority so that our students can master each of the very essential skills, corporate world needs today.These below mentioned skillset are the most necessary to the corporate world which we help students to master.

Image Image


Image Image

Interpersonal Skills

Image Image

Adaptability Skills

Image Image

Research Skills

Image Image

Project Management Skills

Image Image

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Image Image

Emotional Intelligence

Image Image

Decision making Skills

Image Image


Image Image


Image Image

Paying attention to detail

Image Image

Time Management

Image Image

Business Acumen

Image Image

Ability to handle pressure

Image Image

Planning and organizing

Image Image

Public speaking

Image Image


Image Image

Team building

Image Image


Image Image

Process Improvement Expertise

Subjects Taught

Employment Enhancement Program

Personal Branding & Grooming

Case Study Analysis

Presentation Skill

Desk Research

Professional Skill Enhancement

Current Event Analysis

Semester-3 (Core Subjects)

Personal Branding & Grooming

Personal Branding & Grooming

Marketing Specialization
Integrated Marketing Cmmunication Integrated Product & Brand Management Sales & Distribution Management Digital Marketing & Social Web Analytics
Finance Specialization
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Core Banking Insurance Merger & Acquisition Financial Market Products & Institutions Add Ons: (2)
HRM Specialization
Performance Appraisal & Management Competency Mapping & Talent Acquisition Policy Design & ImplementationProfessional Training & Development Add Ons (2):
IT & Computer Specialization
Performance Appraisal & Management Competency Mapping & Talent Acquisition Policy Design & Implementation Professional Training & Development Add Ons (2):


1. Project: Capstone Project (16)


Research Design


Field Research


Project Preparation


Viva Voce + Presentation

1. Innovation/Incubation (8)






Model Preparation

100% Placement on successfully completion of the Program within specific domain of specialization with chance to get Pre Placement Offers during Summer Internship.Earn & learn opportunity can be taken after summer internship (After 1st Year) Complete guidance on resume making and interview preparation.