Mantra For Success in the Corporate Sector

One should try to be proactive in each & every aspect that he or she performs or wants to achieve in life. Success is there for each & every individual but how one chooses the course of action & how things are being applied on daily basis marks the success. Incorporate, a person with a positive bent of mind must have the ability to do the right thing at the right time carves the way towards success.

Sanjeev Tripathi


An Insight On Energy Conservation Sector

Mr H M Kamat gave an insight into Energy Conservation Sector. This knowledge sharing session helped the students understand the role of a young manager in Energy Conservation Sector. This was a truly enriching experience for the students. The students displayed undying enthusiasm and zeal and were eager to learn and understand the industry expectations.

Mr H M Kamat 


Time Management

Divya Lekha Mam Make time your alley, not your albatross. A person who knows the value of time knows the value of money as time plays a vital role in every field & every aspect of life. Divya Lekha Mam Leaders in Different league Logistics is the new mantra for building competitive advantage, all over the world, Mumbai’s dabbawalas developed their home-grown version long before the term was coined. Mr Raghunath Medge, President; and Mr Gangaram Talekar, Secretary of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust and Association (Mumbai Dabbawala) shared their success mantra with the students. Today dabbawala has become a symbol of honesty, hard work, time management, accuracy and a case study of six sigma and supply chain management.

Mrs. Divya Lekha


Engagement & Corporate Expectation

The quest to find the best way to retain employees has taken HR pundits through concepts such as employee reviews, employee satisfaction and employee delight. The latest idea is employee engagement, a concept that holds that it is the degree to which an employee is emotionally bonded to his organization and passionate about his work that matters. He showed them various innovative ways of expanding their knowledge base. He shared his philosophy “People support what they help create”.

Mr. Bhavesh Chandaria 



Mr M S Unnikrishnan, addressed the students about Indian growth, history and future scope. India, being a developing country, has a wide scope for growth. We have a challenge of accelerating the growth by being environment friendly rather than at a cost of the environment. He emphasized that skills, competencies and leadership are the base for individual and organizational growth. He defined a true leader as the one who can groom and motivate others towards achieving competency; with the same understanding, a nation can grow in the right direction.p>

Mr. M. S. Unnikrishnan 

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