Why Corporate Prefer Our Students

“Securing a position is easier than retaining the position.” The real problem begins after you join the corporate. Corporate is changing day by day and with the rapid change, employees’ skills need to be updated too. Keeping this very serious point in mind all our courses has been designed in such a way that the candidate can gain real-world knowledge about the corporates and the skillsets that the corporate world needs.

We also have collaboration with MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture), E Cell (IIM Calcutta), Edexcel (UK’s largest awarding body), Pearson India, Prolearn India and many more organizations for Student and Management Development Programmes, so that our students can gain real hand knowledge and experience about the corporate world and can be fully ready to enter the corporate world.

That is why our students are way too ahead and can be easily spotted among others. We teach our students in such a way that they can stand out of the crowd and be fully ready for the corporate world and that is the reason why MNCs like BNY Melon, Principal, TIAA, Allied Analytics, KPMG, CA One, Hevo Data, SG Analytics or Indian Big companies like ICICI Bank, IDFC First Bank, Axis Bank, Zomato, Upgrad, Bajaj Finserv, Byjus, Pin Click, Mahindra, Godrej, Phonepe, Credence, Aditya Birla Capital, MagicBricks, Planet Spark, CAMP K12, Flipkart hire students from this institute every year.

The things for which companies return every year to hire many students from our campus are,


We Provide the Most Experiential Learning

We believe in enhancing knowledge in our students and that is why our primary focus remains on enhancing students’ knowledge that is why we organize numerous industrial visits in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Service, Automobiles, FMCG and many more, around Pune and outstations so that our students can gain better insights about the corporate world and have better understanding.


We Turn Freshers into Experienced

It’s better to have prior experience about the corporate world before entering into it. That is why we send our students to multiple internships so that they can learn, how corporate works and can gain the skillsets they need to be qualified for the corporate.


We Provide the Most Updated Skillsets

Be it soft skill or hard skill, updated skillsets are very important to match with the changing needs of the Corporates. Keeping this point in view, we have structured our programs in a way that our students can gain every inch of the updated skills that are required in the corporate.


We are More than Just an MBA Degree

We teach MBA but with that we also teach the thing that is very much important for the corporate. We teach to be a leader. With our great learning methodology, extraordinary faculties and healthy environment, we don’t just create employees, we create leaders who can reach companies to a new level.


Our Learning Methodology Makes Us Unique

From Industry Visits to Seminars and Skill Development Workshops by Corporate Experts from India and Abroad to Mentorship Program and IELTS Level Communication, our learning methodology is the thing that makes our students unique out of others so that they can be easily spotted by the corporates.

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