The last century has seen Business evolve to a global approach that trains global leaders and emphasizes soft skills. This had a high impact on management education in India. Therefore to meet the demands of the forceful business environment, managers need to have the appropriate expertise and ability to develop competitive strategies.

So here at ISMS, we promote Experiential Learning – a process of learning through experiences and apply the knowledge to solve real-world challenges by promoting teamwork and communication skills to develop the overall skills and personality of our students required for the ever-changing day to day business environment. Our courses expose students to the International curriculum and an opportunity to learn with leading B-Schools in the UK. This teaches our students a cross-cultural orientation in a global context and it enhances the requisite skills required to work in the corporate sector.



Industry visits help students to understand the working of the industries and gain a complete understanding of the best practices followed in the Industry..

It helps to apply the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom and relate to working in the Industry. Students become completely aware of the current trends in the industry. It also helps to improve the interpersonal and communication skills that are required to work in the corporate.

At ISMS we conduct Industry visits in and out of Pune. Last year our students visited leading brands like Nestle, Faber Castell, Funskool, Kalyani Maxion Wheels and many more.



Outbound activities are also conducted every year amidst the serene

beauty of Mother Nature to make our students experience the challenges faced in the real world and to improve their team management

and leadership skills and to face the day to day challenges of the real world.



Seminars, Guest Lectures and Skill Enhancement Workshops are conducted every year by eminent experts from different industries to make the students aware of the current trends in the industry and to add valuable insights to the students in their area of specialization.

Mr.Nilanjana Chakraborty, Sr.Data Scientist, IBM International,

Mr Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Learning Facilitator,

Mr. Harvinder Singh (Bombay Stock Exchange),

Mr. Sadhan Bhattacharya (Johnson and Johnson),

Mr. Bhaskar Bhattachrya (Hindalco Group),

Ms. Yashodhara Chakravarty (Agility Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

and many more.

Where a few of the eminent dignitaries who threw their valuable insights about the current scenario in the corporate sectors and explained the skills that are expected to sustain the competitive environment.



Our classrooms are enabled with the Smart Learning Technology that enhances the way of teaching and learning digitally in the modern age.

Because of this information can be illustrated in a more graphical way with the help of photos, graphs, flowcharts and animated videos etc.

This makes learning easier and more interactive. It helps to understand the concepts more clearly as pictures are worth a thousand words.



Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity”, we all know that commnication is the first vital tool towards success in any job. Whether it is a one-one interaction or group conversations, communication plays a major role in the process of creating and sharing ideas,information, views, facts, feelings etc. amongst the people to reach a common understanding. Even if a person is highly qualified and has great knowledge, but if he does not possess good communication skills all his ability becomes irrelevant.

Communication is an essential aspect in our everyday life, so all through the year, our students go through various communication courses by expert trainers to enhance the various aspects of the art of communication which is very essential in today’s world.



Internships are provided to students in various companies from diverse sectors.

Students are offered summer as well as Winter Internships to gain valuable work experience which helps them in final placements.

Winter Internships are offered so that the students get first exposure to the corporate world. This enables the student to learn the opportunities and challenges faced in the corporate world where they are going to spend the rest of their life. It will open the doors to establish new connections and build professional relationships with those who can provide a good recommendation in the future. It's one of the best things the fresh graduates can add to their resumes because it's an additional experience that opens a gateway for the summer internship.

Summer Internships are offered as a part of the SPPU curriculum at the end of the 2nd semester for 2-3 months.After I year when the students go for Summer Internship, they have a fair conceptual idea about the working of the different domains from their classroom learning.Once they start working in their respective domain a student gain a practical understandingand this help them to relate the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom and the practical exposure gained by working in the corporate which helps them to enhance their skills further to get a permanent offer in the organizations.

They can get good opportunities since they stand out to potential employers as they require less training and are able to handle good responsibilities in the organization leading them to get a Pre Placement Offer (PPO) while they have just completed their I year of MBA.



Our Mentoring program helps our students to explore their skills and abilities and bring out the best in them to perform better in their work and life ahead. A mentor is someone who allows us to see the hope inside ourselves. They can reflect where you want to go and give you guidance as you plan your own personal development.

Students are allowed to choose their mentors and groom under them to sharpen their skills to develop as business professionals. The goal of our mentoring program is to prepare students to enter the workforce and make them good citizens of the country.

So at the end of two years, our students are more confident & result oriented. Moreover, they are ready to demonstrate all the knowledge and skills that are expected out of them from the industry. So last but not least we live by our philosophy



Creativity is the latest and innovative way to make learning fun and easy. The play-way method blended with art form brings out an undiscovered creative side of the students. They explore their potential in a unique way. Such learning lasts forever. Moreover, it also enhances bonding between teammates. This form of learning infuses the qualities in students like self-confidence, creativity and team participation.



Communication is the one of basic functions of management in any organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization. Keeping its importance in mind, we focus especially on enhancing business communication skills of the students in BUSINESS ANALYSIS & CURRENT AFFAIRS.

Questions on current affairs are often asked during job interviews assessing your sensitivity towards the social, political and economic issues in society. Not only are you expected to show your awareness and concern as a responsible citizen, but your knowledge and views on these issues will also reflect on your personal qualities in critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.



Projects and assignments are tools used to apply classroom learning in practice.

The students are encouraged to think out of the-box and come up with innovative solutions and ideas

This form of learning stimulates creativity in young minds.

They blend classroom learning and new age thinking & technologies and give a new point of view to traditional theories.



Communication skills

Presentation skills

Negotiation skills

Interpersonal skills

Motivational training

Coaching & Mentoring

Creative thinking

Success by choice

Effective planning

Decision making

Creative Problem Solving and

communication skills.



Harsh reality in today’s world are often different from what one comes across in the books.

The situations experienced in the work area differ from the practical concepts.

We develop the skills in the students through group work, practical problem solving on real and live problems, time constrained work, personal and professional development portfolios and research work.



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