An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

Keeping this keen observation of an astute person, the International School of Management Studies brings a novel approach to traditional business courses. Situated at the heart of Pune- a city frequently dubbed as the ‘Oxford of the East’- ISMS is a student-centric management institution with accomplished faculties. We provide the students with deep theoretical insights along with relevant practical skills to make our students industry-ready.

Students are groomed to become valued professionals in their respective fields. Our excellent professors follow innovative and new modes of teaching with ppt presentations. Brainstorming is an important but hugely undervalued method of learning. But, here in ISMS, we never put off an idea or discourage students from coming up with experimental methods. Through various interactive sessions during the class or even outside the classroom, professors engage with students to hear new ideas. Students are always encouraged to develop new business models and discuss them with their professors.

Since it’s a Management Institute we understand the value of time and managing one’s own time deftly. We put very much importance on personality development. Students are encouraged to undertake various internships according to their own choices. We present our students with many internship opportunities through our partners in the industry. In this way, they get to learn many new things and gain new experiences. Also, they learn the value of time-based work and teamwork. Students are trained to take responsibility, shoulder the blame when something goes wrong, and most importantly the value of teamwork and respect for the co-worker.

We don’t generate a result-at-any-costs mentality among students. Rather, we teach them that, the process is also important, which in turn results in an overall improvement of any company. Research shows that strategic and tactical errors are often caused by faulty internal communication, incorrect theories or assumptions about business, and incorrect application of new products. An industry professional, who is adept at identifying the problem, going to the root of it, and solve it with ingenious and futuristic ideas is much in demand. We understand the exigency of this and train our students in preventing the recurrence of such problems. We prepare our students in a way that they’re not only well equipped to handle the work but also proficient at communicating their ideas.

We, produce graduates with recognizable value-adding capabilities such as knowing precisely how to create new- fashioned products or provide fresh services that customers desire, or how to gradually enhance productivity. That is why our students equipped with necessary practical and theoretical knowledge are well-valued across the globe.

⦁ As, ISMS is accredited by Edexcel, UK’s largest awarding body, many ISMS graduates get the chance to work abroad. The world’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge University, recognize Edexcel’s academic qualifications. ISMS is also a Knowledge Partner of Prolearn India, a group of professionals from the agribusiness and education sector. Since 2013, Prolearn India has been managing an MBA in Rural & Agribusiness Management in Pune.

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