ISMS is one among those unique institution which helps students in not only building their career but also enhances skill sets needed for life. Personally, ISMS pushed me to be better, creative and confident enough to tackle any problem. Overall it is a great place of learning, fun, culture and many life preaching activities which was all made possible by the faculties for their constant encouragement and support

Tejashwini Nara

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

“SUCCESS IS JUST OUT OF COMFORT ZONE” This what was told to us when we joined ISMS. Joining ISMS Institute has been the best decision and it has completely changed my life. ISMS trained students to meet the standards of the corporate world. The MBA International program of ISMS focuses on practical and intellectual teaching. The lectures here are very interactive which are helpful for understanding the concept of real world. The staff in the ISMS is very supportive and has treated me as a mentor and friend. The syllabus is more practical in nature and different as compared to other colleges. Solving case study and writing assignment which is completely new for me has helped me to gain more practical knowledge. ISMS have taught me to be disciplined and punctual and has also changed my way of thinking. The staff and faculty members keep guiding and motivating which has helped to gain my confidence. The staff also helps in developing skills through personal interactions and presentations. The institute also conducts various activities like sports, games, picnic, parties and festival celebration. The institute also helps and guides through the admission process of UK Universities and they are with us until you we are settled down in UK. ISMS is not just a family it’s “a home away from home” which never feels like you are away from your home. I feel proud and blessed to be part of ISMS family which is going to fulfill my dream of studying in UK.



I’ve been studying here at ISMS for the last 4 months and my experience so far has been exceptional. The courses offered are excellent as it is practical oriented and also provides International certification. Apart from that, unending presentations, workshops, case studies based on real life business scenarios and interaction with prominent industry guests etc. helps us to get a clear and broader insight about the corporate world. The faculties here has never neglected us in anyway, they make us feel like we are all part of a big family. They are very approachable and are always ready to support, motivate and push us in every possible so that we reach our potentials. I’m looking forward for a beautiful, fruitful and memorable journey here in ISMS


Mokokchung, Nagaland

“Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create it” as said by George Bernard shaw ISMS as a college prove the saying because it helps the students in shaping their carer and creating opportunities for themselves. For the last two years I've been in Pune for my MBA program and I'm so glad that I chose ISMS Pune for that. The amount of knowledge and experience that I've gained from this college to enter into the corporate world is amazing. I was lucky enough to get such vibrant faculties that helped me so much to grow as a person. They've been the biggest support in each and every step that I took. The events, industrial visits, Celebrations it was all a mixture of learning with fun. Lastly, I would say choosing ISMS Pune was the best decision for me.

Eshita K Das

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

If you want to do International MBA then ISMS is the best option. This institute gives opportunities to student to build career. Here we are not just educated but know the corporate world. The learning methodology is different as compared to other colleges. It focuses on practical through case studies and assignment instead of exams. The lectures are so interactive to understand the concepts and faculty members are very supportive to our studies and building personality. ISMS gave me inspiration to learn new things. Institute not just look for studies but also joins us in various activities like sports, picnics and events. And when it comes to chose universities, institute helps in every step of process until you are settle in UK. I am thankful to institute for fulfilling my dream to study in abroad. And I am glad to be the student of ISMS.

Abhimanyu Kadam

Pune Maharashtra

What can I say ? For sure International School Of Management Studies (ISMS) is the best College I am studying ! The teachers are highly skilled and educated and friendly too ! In ISMS , the faculties focus on every individual student which helps him/her to grow. The y not only teach MBA syllabus but also give valuable lessons related to life which will head us towards right direction in future .I have great classmates from different states of India and we really enjoy our time together. Everybody is supportive, kind and helpful. I'm glad I'm at this good college and I'm thankful that my parents put me in this college

Harish Bagul



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