1. International Standard Classroom:

Lectures are made more engaging, and more participative by incorporating digital displays, whiteboards and latest audio/visual devices into the classroom.


2. Excellent Faculties:

Faculty members are the most significant resource of the college. ISMS has a fleet of great faculty members, ranging from IIM alumni to researchers to corporate leaders, who work hard to give our students the best experience possible.


3. Experiential Learning Methodology:

We promote Experiential Learning, which is the process of learning through experiences and applying what students have learned to solve real-world problems. We also encourage teamwork and communication skills to help our students develop the overall skills and personalities they'll need in the ever-changing business environment.


4. Global Opportunity:

The college provides global opportunities to the students through the international courses, which expose students to diverse cultures and viewpoints while also helping them develop new skills necessary to succeed in a globally connected world.


5. Professional Training by Industry Pioneers:

Professional training equip students with the knowledge, technology, and skills they will need in their future jobs, life and further education.


6. Organizational and Professional Skill Development Program:

Skill development is an important instrument for students' empowerment, future security, and overall growth. Skills are just as important as academic status. Skills and education should now go hand in hand.


7. Earning while Learning Opportunity:

Internships are extremely important in determining one's career. It not only gives students real-world experience in the workplace, but it also helps them develop the necessary skills to stand out in a saturated job market.


8. Workshops by Corporate Experts from India and Abroad:

The corporate experts have a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. Their interactions with students will aid students in gaining knowledge and developing networks.


9. Numerous Industrial Visits:

Industrial visits are usually a student's first point of contact with a live operational industry. Students learn about the most recent industry trends and make decisions about their future careers or areas of interest.


10. Extensive Industry Partnerships:

Our industry collaborations allow us to assess and adjust our Training Methods on a daily basis in order to better match the outputs with future industry requirements, ensuring that ISMS students are always ahead of the curve.

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